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anti-Myosin IgG, Smooth Muscle antibody
Myosin bovine
Biomedical technologies
(Biomedical technologies Cat# BT-562, RRID:AB_10013421)
polyclonal antibody
BTI anti-Smooth Muscle Myosin IgG is prepared in rabbits from bovine tracheal smooth muscle myosin (>98% Pure via PAGE). The anti-Smooth Muscle Myosin IgG is then purified from rabbit immune serum. The resulting IgG binds predominantly heavy chain smooth muscle myosin in vertebrates. It contains no detectable cross-reactivity with skeletal or non-muscle myosin. The antibody can be used for immunohistochemical localization, western blots and for immunoprecipitation studies of smooth muscle myosin. A complete protocol is provided with the product including details on immunofluorescent procedures.