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Vendor:Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience X
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Antibody ID
Antibody Name
Target Antigen
Proper Citation
Clone ID
Host Organism
Cat Num
AVP (arginine vasopressin) antibody
(Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience Cat# C.P.180985, RRID:AB_2313977)
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
Anti-Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide Antibody
vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) null
(Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience Cat# VIP, RRID:AB_2513212)
polyclonal antibody
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
Neuropeptide Y antibody
Neuropeptide Y human, rat, mouse
(Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience Cat# Niepke, RRID:AB_2753189)
polyclonal antibody
Buijs, R., Pool, C.W., van Heerikhuize, J.J., Sluiter, A.A., van der Sluis, P.J., Ramkema, M., ...van der Beek, E.M. (1989). Antibodies to small transmitter molecules and peptides: Production and application of antibodies to dopamine, serotonin, GABA, vaspressin, vasoactive intestinal peptide, neuropeptide Y, somatostatin and substance P. Biomedical Research (Tokyo, Japan), Vol. 10, 1989, p. 213-221.
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience