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Vendor:V.A. Lennon, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine X
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The ANNA-1 antibody (anti-neuronal nuclear, type 1) also known as anti-Hu
(V.A. Lennon, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Cat# Hu, RRID:AB_2314657)
polyclonal antibody
This antibody has been submitted several times to the antibody registry, but this is the original entry (A-21271 for the invitrogen/ molecular probes was submitted along with this entry): Note from the originator of the antibody: The ANNA-1 antibody (anti-neuronal nuclear, type 1) that I have been providing on request for academic colleagues’ immunohistochemical and immunocytochemical studies is a human pan-neuronal-reactive polyclonal IgG autoantibody in the form of an anonymized patients’ serum pool of very high titer. Mayo Clinic’s IRB has approved my sending out such aliquots. I advise recipients to use at a high dilution (e.g., 1:2,000-1:10,000), to be optimized by the user.In clinical practice, ANNA-1 IgG is recognized universally to be a paraneoplastic autoantibody marker of neurological autoimmunity related to small-cell lung carcinoma. The endogenous autoantigen that initiates the immune response is HuD protein in the patient’s neuroendocrine tumor. Most requesters use it to identify nucleus and perikaryon of enteric neurons.
V.A. Lennon, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Hu also A-21271