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HMHA1 / HA-1 antibody
HMHA1 / HA-1 antibody human
(GeneTex Cat# GTX89779, RRID:AB_10722727)
polyclonal antibody
Discontinued; manufacturer recommendations: ELISA; Preliminary experiments gave an approx 65-70kDa band in Jurkat lysate at 1ug/ml. Please note that currently we cannot find an explanation in the literature for the band we observe given the predicted size of approx. 131kDda according to NP_036424.2. We would appreciate any feedback from people in the field - have any results been reported with other antibodies/lysates? Have any further splice variants/modified forms been reported? To avoid confusion please note that this antibody is designed to recognise the whole protein as coded by NP_036424.2 and won't recognise the peptide found eluted from HLA-A*0201 molecules by den Haan et al (Science. 1998 Feb 13;279(5353):1054-7, PMID: 9461441) ELISA.