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c-Fos (9F6) Rabbit mAb antibody
c-Fos (9F6) Rabbit mAb bovine, human, rat, porcine, hamster, mouse, h, m, r, (hm, b, pg)
(Cell Signaling Technology Cat# 2250, RRID:AB_2247211)
monoclonal antibody
Applications: W, IF-IC, F, ChIP. Consolidation on 9/2016: AB_10692514, AB_10828199.
Info: Independent validation by the NYU Lagone was performed for: IHC. This antibody was found to have the following characteristics: Functional in human:FALSE, NonFunctional in human:FALSE, Functional in animal:FALSE, NonFunctional in animal:FALSE
Cell Signaling Technology
2250 also 2250S, 2250P