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Antibody ID
Antibody Name
Target Antigen
Proper Citation
Clone ID
Host Organism
Cat Num
NSUN2-human antibody
NSUN2 homo sapiens
(Bethyl Cat# A303-912A, RRID:AB_2615655)
ENCODE PROJECT External validation DATA SET is released testing lot 1 for not specified; status is awaiting lab characterization
A303-912A also ENCAB643VMO
Rabbit anti-Misu Antibody, Affinity Purified
Misu human
(Bethyl Cat# A303-912A, RRID:AB_2615655)
polyclonal antibody
Discontinued: 2016; Original manufacturer of this product; Validation by IP/Western Blot was performed using ReliaBLOTᄄ Western Blot Gel 4-8%, 10 x 10 cm (Cat. No. WB101-40812G) and ReliaBLOTᄄ Reagents (Cat. No. WB120). Related products include ReliaBLOTᄄ IP/WB kits, buffers and reagents. Applications: WB,IP Dilution: WB - 1:2,000 to 1:10,000 / IP - 2 to 10 ᄉg/mg lysate
A303-912A also OWL-A19395