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tubulin (alpha-) antibody - Frankel, J. / Nelsen, E.M.; University of Iowa
tubulin (alpha-) epitope: alpha tubulin algae, c elegans, cephalopod, dictyostelium, drosophila, fish, hermit crab, human, medusa, mouse, protozoa, saccharomyces, tetrahymena, xenopus
(DSHB Cat# 12G10 anti-alpha-tubulin, RRID:AB_1157911)
monoclonal antibody
Application(s): FFPE,Immunofluorescence,Immunohistochemistry,Western Blot; Date Deposited: 09/21/2001
12G10 anti-alpha-tubulin
Mouse Anti-Tetrahymena Tubulin, alpha Monoclonal Antibody, Unconjugated
Mouse Tetrahymena Tubulin alpha multiple species (tetrhymena, dictyostelium, human, saccharomyces), amoeba/protozoa, human, yeast/fungi
(DSHB Cat# 12G10 anti-alpha-tubulin, RRID:AB_1157911)
monoclonal antibody
manufacturer recommendations: IgG1 Western Blot; Immunoblotting
12G10 anti-alpha-tubulin