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Anti-spike protein Antibody, clone MAb 57.57
spike protein epitope: CYTVSDSSFFSYGEIPFGVTDGPRY; DVLNKN; KVNDA; NNSNDL; QLAKDKVNE; SFFSYGEI; VANADK; VNNKN porcine transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus strain purdue
(Imported from the IEDB Cat# MAb 57.57, RRID:AB_2848001)
monoclonal antibody
Validation: assays with positive results - PMID 1708930: biological activity (neutralization), ELISA (qualitative binding) - PMID 1693702: ELISA (qualitative binding)
MAb 57.57
mus musculus
Imported from the IEDB
MAb 57.57