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Monoclonal Anti-Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen antibody produced in mouse
Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen antibody produced in mouse drosophila/arthropod, non-human primate, rat, yeast/fungi, human, human, insect, monkey, yeast
(Sigma-Aldrich Cat# P8825, RRID:AB_477413)
monoclonal antibody
PMID:18831528, PMID:20058308, PMID:20853506, PMID:21830221, PMID:22886421, PMID:27069253, PMID:27565346, PMID:29124763, PMID:29218861, PMID:29257949, PMID:30057198, PMID:30340040, PMID:30713073, PMID:31069223, PMID:31231040, PMID:31433981, PMID:32065439
Vendor recommendations: IgG2a ELISA; Immunoprecipitation; Flow Cytometry; Other; Western Blot; Immunocytochemistry; Immunohistochemistry; immunohistochemistry (frozen sections): suitable, flow cytometry: suitable, indirect ELISA: suitable, immunoprecipitation: suitable, immunohistochemistry (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded sections): 1:3,000