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Antibody Name
Target Antigen
Proper Citation
Clone ID
Host Organism
Cat Num
InVivoPlus anti-mouse CD154 (CD40L) antibody Go To Vendor
CD40L (CD154) mouse
(Bio X Cell Cat# BE0017-1, RRID:AB_1107601)
monoclonal antibody
Applications: in vivo blocking of CD40/CD40L signaling, in vitro blocking of CD40/CD40L signaling
Consolidation on 12/2021: AB_1107601, AB_2894788.
clone MR-1
armenian hamster
Bio X Cell
BE0017-1 also BE0017-1-100MG, BE0017-1-1MG, BE0017-1-25MG, BE0017-1-50MG, BE0017-1-5MG, BP0017-1-100MG, BP0017-1-25MG, BP0017-1-50MG, BP0017-1-5MG